About Us

Egekomp Bilgisayar Ltd. Şti, one of the first computer firms in Aegean region, founded in 1985 to provide software, software maintenance and IT training services. Egekomp is always commited to safety, quality, speed and continuity and leads various innovations in its sector.

Firstly, Egekomp commenced its operations as Amstrad distributor and technical service provider in Aegean region and by the help of its value added services plays a crucial role in the development of the information technology sector.

Our company has lead to meet many essential official institutions and private entities, with software technologies and assist them to benefit from the information sector. Egekomp assisted the important entities in the Aegean region such as Bak Holding, Adas, Batı Tekstil, Pistonsan, Soylu Holding, Dolmenler, Yesilyurt State Hospital and introduce them with the computer and make them use computer in their all kind of work process.

The expert team of Egekomp Bilgisayar, whose members work always in a sync and complement each other with their sector knowledge, is structured as project teams, composing of the software, system, sale and project directors.

During our contribution to the infomation technology sector by our experience, knowledge and values that we gained since 1985, we will continue to stand by you without allowing our economical and commercial ambitions to preempt our humanistic, moral and ethic values.