Managed services can be defined as delivering the burden of certain information technology operations, such as system monitoring and analysis, troubleshooting, system management and development, information security, backup and disaster scenarios in the IT infrastructure, to the service providers.

Small businesses, as well as large enterprises, have to use technology in the most efficient way and manage information technology processes in the best way in order to operate effectively and get ahead of their competitors in business.


IT management can often be a complicated, time consuming, distracting and costly process. Delivering this process to experienced IT providers like us, will allow you to concentrate on your own business and minimize the interruptions from system problems to affect your business.

What we offer to you as managed service are the taking burden off all IT responsibilites such as domain, network, storing, information security, back up, diseaster scenarios by detecting the problem in the way of system monitoring and analysis before an actual problem occurs and solve it, as well as engage you in such a high technology level, which enables you to compete with sector leaders.