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With our innovative and expert team and our cross-generational knowledge and experience base, we reinterpreted the information technology services. Let`s be part of our more than 200 clients that we improve with our service models, corresponding the current infastructure of information technologie.


Since we, as Egekomp, place our clients at the centre of our own work model, our experiences, processes and attention focus on covering the special needs of your organisation and providing customer services at the highest standards. Regardless of the size of your company, we are working side by side with you, in order to give you a high qualifed service:


We believe that even in the case of high level of service quality, the mere quality is not sufficent and the same level of quality can not be maintained without ever considering the consistency. Pursuing the consistency of our more than 30-years existence, we are providing you the consistency of your system and service quality.


Since 1985 , we have been reformed by the information technology and exploit our cross-generational experience to produce innovative and quick solutions. We define ourselves as ideal business partner for the institutions, which request instant solutions and improve our work efficiency in order to share our experiences with you.

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