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ERP programs enable the efficient management of basic business processes in businesses operating in various sectors and accelerate the business processes of companies, providing the agility they need in the growth process. Using ERP programs like Netsis efficiently will take you one step ahead in today's competitive environment. For this reason, it is of great importance to choose your Netsis consultants correctly. As Egekomp Bilgisayar, our mission is to produce and develop solutions suitable for your company within the institutional framework and to take your company to the next level.

Developed for the central management of applications such as finance-accounting, production, supply chain, sales and inventory in medium-sized enterprises, Logo Netsis 3 Standard easily adapts to changing requirements over time with its scalable structure.

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SMEs effectively manage all their business processes from a single point, from production to order, from accounting records to bank data.

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Logo Netsis 3 Enterprise, a corporate ERP solution with rich business functions; It supports the efficiency of businesses by offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of large-scale enterprises, holdings, and industrial enterprises that carry out complex production and detailed planning processes.

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