Structured Cabling and Cabinet

Data Loss Precautions

Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

In order for the network and the systems connected to the network and indirectly the software running on these systems to work in a healthy, performance and trouble-free manner, the cabling infrastructure must be done correctly. With the right design and application, the structural cabling system, which is a solution that does not require re-investment up to 15-20 years if suitable products are used, also provides an organized and decorative appearance by eliminating cable clutter and visual pollution together with the cabinet system. Considering that 70% of network problems are caused by cabling systems, we believe that we can make serious contributions to the uninterrupted, performance and effective operation of your system with the cabling infrastructure we will design for you.

Fortunately, new technology has brought with it backup systems and disaster solutions. While eliminating the risks with the disaster scenarios we will design specifically for you and the backup software we will position. Don't let your system stop with your weekly, daily, hourly and even instant backups, and backup systems that can be activated when one of your servers is down and another server with an exact copy can come into play.


A correct structured cabling infrastructure is essential for the healthy functioning of your network and connected systems. Our design and implementation enable long-term investments by providing trouble-free performance for 15-20 years.


Our high-quality cabinet system eliminates cable clutter and visual pollution, giving your work environment a tidy and aesthetic appearance. Along with its functionality, it also offers a visually attractive solution.

Most network problems are caused by cabling systems. The structured cabling infrastructure we design ensures your business continuity by contributing to the uninterrupted, high-performance and effective operation of your system.

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