Storage and Virtualization

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Strategic Storage and Virtualization Solutions

Instead of buying many servers for the applications and services you will use in your business, you can use virtualization technology with a few virtual servers configured on a physical server more effectively, while reducing your computing costs significantly. Virtual servers, which are constantly changing and shaped according to the resource needs of applications and services, will allow you to use a server in the most efficient way and reduce the IT workload with the administrative and backup facilities it offers.

With SAN (Storage Area Network) devices, which are indispensable for Big Data management, you can host your virtual servers in one place and completely redundantly. With scalable and expandable storage space, you can meet your increasing storage needs with SAN technology, and you can access all your data from a single place, with high performance and security.

SAN Technology for Big Data Management:

Big data management is an indispensable element for businesses to maintain and improve their competitive advantage. With Storage Area Network (SAN) devices, you can host your virtual servers in one place, with full redundancy. Scalable and expandable storage areas meet your increasing storage needs with SAN technology, providing high-performance and secure access to all data from a single place.

Minimize your costs by using resources more effectively on a single physical server with several virtual servers.

Flexible and scalable virtual servers ease IT workload by simplifying management and backup.

Virtualization allows applications and services to dynamically adapt to changing resource needs, allowing you to use resources in the most efficient way.

Operating virtual servers with a central management allows you to perform maintenance and updates more quickly and smoothly.

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